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Our experts are dedicated to improving your business’s digital presence with skills in web development, web design, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), brand design, hosting, and much more.

Local to Cardiff & Penarth we’ve helped numerous customer achieve their goals and bring their ideas to life. Schedule a meeting today to discuss your ambitions.

Louis Williams

Louis Williams

Owner & Developer

I’ve got 8+ years of experience in Web Development & SEO and aim to be as helpful as possible.

Dave McShane

Dave McShane

SEO Expert & Founder at Customer Collector

20+ Years in Sales & Research and a passion for SEO, helping businesses grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are websites expensive?

Websites can be costly depending on your business needs, we aim to be competitive with our pricing and aim to go above and beyond your expected results. A website shouldn’t just be built for current requirements, it should also meet future requirements to save you spending more money on adding additional features and disrupting business.

Depending on your requirements a website could range from £100’s to £10,000’s for full-fledged websites with all the bells & whistles.

Is there a cost?

The cost will be explained to you after we’ve collected enough information to build your action plan. Our pricing is estimated for Web Design and the actual cost may be less. SEO & Hosting are set fees.

What is a website backend?

When we refer to a backend of a website we mean the interface where you can make changes to the content, images, pricing, etc. to your website. We sometimes need access to this to copy content, images, prices or just to make changes to your website.

Why do I need an SEO Expert?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can be very difficult to keep on top of, it’s constantly being changed by the Search Engines to ensure they’re receiving factual & accurate information and as your business grows the more difficult it becomes to manage all your content. This tied with other day-to-day business roles will drag you down, let our expert work with you as an extra gear in your business machine to help your focus and grow your business in other areas.

Can I make changes to the website action plan?

During the Building Stage, we will allow 2 revision sessions to ensure we iron out any features you’re not happy with. In these sessions, we will run through the website and note down anything you’re unhappy with, or want to remove or add. This is to ensure our team can focus on just enough time per project to meet our deadlines.

Who owns the website once completed?

After we’ve completed the website we will hand the keys over to you, if you have your own host, we can transfer it over or if you chose a hosting plan with us we will have the site live within an hour. Once you have the keys you can access the website and make any changes you like.

We ask if we can monitor the site for 6 months to ensure our service works.

Are there any hidden fees?

We do not have any hidden fees. We’re completely transparent about the costs of building and running a website. We’ll send you a quote for the website build & development and can provide hosting or point you in the right direction for which hosting plan is best for your website.

Can you promise Number 1 placement on Google?

To put it simply no, we can’t promise you’ll have the number 1 slot on Google Search, it’s impossible and anyone who guarantees this is lying to you.

However, we can promise you that your Search Rankings will improve and grow over time which will result in more traffic to your website.

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