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Website Bundle Offer

Terms & Conditions

The Website Bundle Offer (referred to as “The Offer”) is subject to price fluctuation depending on website requirements. “The Project” or “Project” refers to the development of the client’s website.


Website Requirements:

“The Offer” price of £200 is based on a single-page website with a generic contact form. Any additional requests will incur additional costs, including but not limited to a monthly subscription fee for plugins/applications and/or an hourly development rate of £40 an hour.

After completion of “The Project”, the client will take sole responsibility for any future edits to “The Project” unless agreed prior to this agreement. Any edits agreed prior to this agreement will expire within 12 months after “The Project” has been complete.



Upon accepting this agreement the client will receive access to our Shared Hosting Portal. All Hosting agreements include 5GB of storage, unlimited traffic, and unlimited visits for 12 months starting from “The Project” completion. After the 12 months, a standard monthly fee of £20 a month will be required to keep your website hosted by Cyborg Group. If the client disagrees with this fee they have the option to move the website to another provider or request a backup from Cyborg Group. If the client has not agreed to the monthly fee by the hosting expiry date then “The Project” will be subject to a 14-day retention period where “The Project” will be shut down and completely deleted.


Maintenance & Support:

As a part of the agreement maintenance and support will be provided up to 6 months after the agreement date. This will include up to 4 hours a month of maintenance & support; ensuring plugins, themes, hosting platforms, and security applications are updated and maintained to an operational standard; answer any questions/queries regarding the website and its functions. After this 6 month period, the client will take full responsibility for the maintenance of the website. If for any reason the website were to fail or malfunction outside of the maintenance period the client has the right to request rectification from Cyborg Group which may incur additional costs if necessary.

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